Our 5th annual fashion show will take place on March 9th, 2014 at the UMass Lowell Inn & Conference Center. This year, we will be benefiting Stand for the Silent, an organization dedicated to ending bullying.

Many of those in our organization have suffered from bullying. It is one of the reasons we came together as an organization, and it is why we continue working toward instilling confidence within our members and those we touch with our work. This cause is very dear to our hearts, and we hope you will come out and support! Stay tuned for more information regarding tickets and showtimes!

Check out pictures from our 2013 show, where we raised the most we have to date, over $9200, to donate to CTI. A big thanks to all who made this possible!

FHWF means more to me than I can probably put into words. The whole experience has been incredible, as well as the people who are involved. As I’ve been growing up I have been judged by many people, but these girls here who are involved with FHWF have been amazing. They have never judged anyone, and they have been here for everyone which means everything to me. I’ve noticed that many girls now a days are very insecure with themselves, but this gives us a chance to gain confidence, and make us feel beautiful. I could go on and on about how amazing everyone is and what we are doing. Being a short 5’4” is going to make it impossible to model for top end designers, but to me, this is just as amazing, if not better. Yeah, so what, we might not get all the publicity and money, but we have made great friends and memories. That all means so much more to me than money or fame. I love you all so much.
- Montana Wilkie

Finding Hope With Fashion means more than words can explain to me. It's a organization that not only brings girls from all walks of life, shapes, colors, and races self esteem to anyone who may think they aren't good enough or not beautiful enough to inspire others. The organization also helps people who need it. People who may not have a voice or means to get better; they lean on organizations like us to help them. It also brings selflessness and kindness from everyone part of this extraordinary organization to step forward and be a leader for others in hopes that there will be others that can inspire and give hope to anyone they come in contact with. It's given me my own voice and self esteem to remind myself that I am beautiful and I am part of something bigger than myself.
- Brianna Ryea

As a fifteen year old girl, I know first hand how rough growing up can be. If you asked any girl in the world, I can almost guarantee you that they will have an entire list of their flaws, but you will have a hard time finding someone with a list of their most beautiful attributes. FHWF has truly helped me overcome my own personal battles, and without it, I wouldn't have the confidence to be the bubbly, silly, girl I am today. So to every teen out there: embrace everything about yourself, because no matter if you are thin, fat, blonde, brunette, tall, or short, you ARE beautiful, and that's something to always remember.
- Samantha Lopolito

I believe Finding Hope With Fashion is one of the greatest things someone can ask for. All at once, you're meeting new great people who can potentially be some of your best friends, having a chance to feel confident on the runway which can seem impossible sometimes, and helping people in a way you could never think of --- doing what you love.
- Heather Cyr

Finding Hope With Fashion has only been a part of my life for a small amount of time. But within that time I met a dozen amazing girls who have nothing but positive empowerment thrust upon them. We're all here to support each other and build strong, confident women. It's pure love. And as long as the organization lives (forever) I will be here passing around the love and modeling in every show I can.
- Ellen Wilkin

I used to be a young girl who wore heels to try and evoke some confidence within herself. I figured that standing tall not only worked metaphorically, but physically, as well: if I was taller, I would be able to brush off issues regarding my self esteem and negativity towards myself. But what I didn't realize until I began participating in FHWF was that I shouldn't be working to feel confident in heels. I should be working to feel comfortable on my own flat feet. FHWF not only gave me the tools to mold me into a new, self-confident woman, but it showed me how many strengths and talents I already have. Best of all, I gained a new group of friends of all ages, races, genders, and orientations. Together, we formed a support system, and we learned from each other that it really isn't how tall you stand physically, but rather how tall you let your heart carry you that really matters. FHWF consists of so much love and support that I'm beginning to forget who that girl cowering in her heels was. Now, I know I'll never bow to low self esteem again because I have the people of FHWF in my life, and together, we will hold each other up higher than any shoe ever could.
- Sydnie Lopolito

Joining Finding Hope With Fashion has helped me grow in every aspect of my life. Being a volunteer the first year, watching all these girls make a difference and have fun doing it, was inspiring. I wanted to try to model but I felt self conscious. I took that leap, and wouldn't ever go back. I gained so much self confidence in myself. I was welcomed with open arms and encouraging words by every single person on the Finding Hope With Fashion team, and I saw this confidence come with me no matter what I did. I hope Finding Hope With Fashion grows to reach girls all over the world because that's all we need: a chance to take that leap.
- Kaitlyn Finn